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“Your advice that people don`t trust USPS Street Addressing may be unfair if you keep in mind that I and many others have used it successfully for years. Look at how many of us have big problems with this scenario of using the street address? I don`t think it`s unfair to say that the USPS shouldn`t be trusted, especially when they took my very expensive packages. Your solution is to call the Postmaster. Well, it`s not that simple because 99% of all post offices don`t put the post office phone number directly on sites or in Google. You have to go through the main USPS site and then call the green number, which is basically useless. I should know that I tried this for two days and couldn`t go anywhere. In fact, I also answered direct numbers at post offices, 2 of them, in my field and not a single person. One of them was sent directly to an answering machine saying that the voicemail was full, which led me to think that no one had ever checked the messages and had never checked. The other numbers only rush and ring and sounded and another number was for the USPS Central Office of the state. Rank and sounded forever. I have not accomplished anything.

It was only when I saw one, that I personally asked for some results, that people stopped and watched the ridiculous fiasco that I had to play, that someone took me seriously. And what do you know? They found my packages and then made some forms (these 3849 pink shapes) really quickly to sign up for me to make them look like they were about to warn me, but I just needed to wait a little longer before they got to my box! It`s true! The truth is that you don`t make sense. It`s just a notification, I don`t need to sign it. There is no way for them to use my signature and put it on a website to show that I got something because the tracking numbers for UPS has already been shown ti was delivered and USPS can`t go into site ups and update it to show that I accepted it, so basically , it was quite a sight! The reality is, they saw what I bought, the boxes had great expensive things inside and someone put them in a corner hoping that I made an affirmation and that then rightly give the expensive items to the USPS and I`d have to wait up to several months, if ever to get any type of money back! They would then be taken and placed in someone`s care for their own pleasures there, as I`m sure that was the plan. As a general rule, lost items found, including defective items claimed on items subject to insurance, are delivered to a warehouse and auctioned. How many items do you think are picked and kept by the higher administration? Guess, who hasn`t come to make promises to me that I`m sorry? The superior who said he had found my property, but that he would not give it to me because he said they were not SurePost! Where did they find these items? In a corner! Do I trust these people? No no. I delivered other things tomorrow. I hope this guy doesn`t decide to shoot this nonsense this time ill the registration of the event This street thing may be legitimate, but some of these employees are not. Especially the supervisiors, where they are the ones who sneak large objects into the office and hide them saying they have to inspect them for random check. (Eye roll) Good luck to people… It`s a game of chance these days.