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The threat of a change to the Universal Postal Union Treaty has sparked waves in the e-commerce sector around the world. Changes in international postal fares could affect airlines such as FedEx and DHL. Online merchants and consumers will also notice the changes from July 2020. Negotiations on postal contracts could take years. The United States drew up a postal contract with France in 1852,[5] but the two countries were divided on how to distribute the inland port,[4]721 and a treaty was not signed until 1857. [6] However, the contract was terminated. Elihu Washburne, the new American minister in France, arrived in Paris in 1869 for “the unique show … no postal agreements between two countries bound by so many social and trade relations. [7]13-14 After the defeat of Napoleon III at the Battle of Sedan, the United States was the first country to recognize the Third Republic of France, an event that brought thousands of Parisians to the streets and shouted “Long live America.” [7]:124 However, such sentiments did not pave the way for a postal contract. The United States and France finally exchanged ratification of a postal treaty in July 1874,[8] just three months before the Universal Postal Union made the treaty redundant. [7]:14[9]:254-255 An angry washburne complains: “There is no nation in the world that is more difficult to conclude contracts than France.” [7]:13 Despite the final solution, I am optimistic that some decisions will be made and put live so that the end consumer does not suffer.

It`s not just about the United States and China – it`s about the #1 and #2 the world`s economies. The scenario of adjusting mail delivery rates is expected to continue and repeat worldwide. The agreement, which came into force in 2018, has increased final tariffs for some developing countries with strong economies, including China. However, the higher costs still do not cover the full cost of the Us-Post for the delivery of these parcels. The Universal Postal Union has 191 member countries, in addition to the United States. Starting in July 2020, countries were free to increase rates for incoming parcels shipped from the United States. Since that letter, international shipping prices from the United States have increased in more than 30 other countries. Further increases may follow. Standards are important prerequisites for the efficient operation of postal services and the networking of the global network. The UPU Standard Board is developing and maintaining a growing number of international standards to improve the exchange of post-postal information between postal operators. It also promotes the compatibility of UPU`s postal and international initiatives. The organization works closely with postal assistance organizations, customers, suppliers and other partners, including several international organizations.

The Standard Board oversees the development of consistent rules in areas such as electronic data exchange (EDI), post-coding, postal forms and meters. UPU standards are established in accordance with the rules set out in Part V of the “General Information on UPU Standards”[31] and published by the International Office of the UPU in accordance with Part VII of this publication. The South China Morning Post reported that China`s small e-commerce companies would suffer from higher postal costs. However, major Chinese retailers are unlikely to be affected by the contract change. Large companies often have sophisticated logistics companies with multiple warehouses around the world.